Tianji Electric Rice Cooker FD30D with Ceramic Inner Pot, 6-cup(uncooked) Makes Rice, Porridge, Soup,Brown Rice, Claypot rice, Multi-grain rice,3L

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模板1 模板1

模板1 模板1 Ceramic Rice Cooker

Founded in 1996, Canton Tianji Electric Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of small household electrical appliances. Tianji Cooperation leads the delicate life as its own responsibility. It is achieving on the research, development and innovation of small household appliances. The first company in China develop ceramic waterproof stew pots, ceramic porridge pots, ceramic health treasures and other products.

Tianji Ceramic Rice Cooker without Coating

Tianji does not satisfy that the rice cooker inner pot has always been a chemical coating, but put forward a higher demand for the health of inner pot material without chemical coating. The new coming ceramic rice cooker FD30D focuses on ceramic material to improve the process of cooking rice. Just to make a rice cooker to keep the original flavor of the rice. Tianji would be the new choice for the rice cooker.

Ceramic inner pot: say goodbye to traditional nonstick coating, making cooking rice more tasty 6-cup uncooked capacity: 3L volume, 6-cup uncooked, 12 cooked rice, suitable for single or 2~5 people Multi-use: soup, porridge, baby porridge and you could preset the function in advance. The floating bow-shape heating plate makes the rice softer.





No more worrying about aluminum pots or PTFE coatings

Ceramic is a health y and natural alternative to pots with non-stick coating. Ceramic allows for food to be easily removed without the worry of added chemicals, so you can feel good about what you feed your family. And, ceramic holds heat evenly so all of your food will be cooked evenly throughout. One-pot meals and rice dinners have never been more natural, or easy.

High Quality Ceramic Inner Pot

Tianji, with high quality criteria control in manufactory, combined with traditional ceramic technology, selected kaolin, and high temperature firing. The ceramic inner pot does not contain any coating, coming with function as high temperature resistance. Better for cooking material, boiled nutritious food which is better for the new born baby and postpartum women.

Nonstick Ceramic Inner Pot

Rice does not stick to the ceramic inner surface of the cooking bowl. Therefore, you will never have to scrub away burnt rice from the bottom of this pot. There is no worrying about a nonstick coating starting to chip and leaving residues in the rice.

2-piece anti-slip pad

After countless anti-slip experiments, the two-piece anti-slip pad have the same anti-slip effect as the four-piece anti-slip, and meet the 3C standards and test requirements.

Multi Function:Preserves flavor and nutritional value






It has a menu setting for cooking rice porridge.porridge benefits your overall health and provides energy to fuel your active lifestyle.It is also a good choice for baby food

Brown rice

Brown rice contains several nutrients. The types of fatty acids and aromatic compounds in different brown rice varieties give each a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Claypot rice

A perfectly cooked claypot rice has a great flavor of all the ingredients, with nicely crisped rice on the bottom of the pot.


Enjoy easy home cooking with this product.:Restaurant-quality rice. Delicious one-pot dishes. soups and stews.


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Tianji Ceramic Pot Digital Rice Cooker FD30D

Want a small rice cooker to make baby food for your babies? Then Tianji Ceramic Pot Digital Rice Cooker FD30D is your good choice. 3L capacity is suitable for your baby and you. It can make rice, porridge and many other baby food that you want just with one touch of button. The ceramic pot is enough for you to cook food, no worry of food hygiene. Timer and prest function help you make meals orderly. The mini and cute appearance will catch your baby’s eyes.

Note of using:

The color of the metal plate below the inner pot would change if the customer does not clean the bottom of the inner pot every time.

If the rice is hardened to eat , you can add a little more water.

The advantage of this rice cooker is the clay pot rice, the traditional Cantonese food.

If there is a plastic smell on the bottom of the rice pot, the reason is that the bottom of the inner pot not wiped clean

Condensation is common in all rice cookers

The smell caused by the volatilization of the protective oil on the product device when it is first used. Such smell is usually the strongest when it is heated for the first time, and it will disappear after two or three use

Tianji Joydeem

Inner pot
ceramic refined iron

6 cups uncooked 8 cups uncooked


Heating method
Stereo Circulation Heating Induction Heating System

1-24 hour 1-24 hour

Holding time
8 hour 8 hour

6 10

120v-60Hz 550W 120v-60Hz 900W

35*28*24cm 13.78*11.02*9.45inch 41.5*31*26cm 16.34*12.2*10.24inch

【Capacity】3L Capacity can cook 6-cup uncooked rice, 12 cup cooked rice, suitable for your whole family
【Preset Timer】With 24 hours smart preset timer, you can cook brown rice, soup, porridge, rice without worry about time is running out
【Heat Evenly】Suspended bowl heating system can heat evenly, makes the rice is crystal clear, plump and delicious
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