SCSP – Korean BBQ Grill IH Induction Circular size 13 inches [Made In Korea] Non-stick Grill/Natural Material 6 Layer Coating/[Bag included] Can be used for both home and outdoor stoves

Price: $37.50
(as of Jun 24,2023 07:05:32 UTC – Details)

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Since 2013, we have been manufacturing kitchenware in Korea and providing it to consumers.We manufacture pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.We always dedicate a lot of time to producing high quality products.In addition, as it is manufactured with multi-layer ceramic coating and diamond coating, it is easy to wash because it does not stick.We are always working hard to make good quality kitchenware.

grill pan 13inchgrill pan 13inch

SCSP BrandSCSP Brand

This is an IH induction product for home use. Can be used on all heat sources.
With a 6-layer coating, the surface is very smooth and does not stick when cooking.
This is a round multi-teppanyaki pan that can cook from roasting to stir-fry at campgrounds and outdoor barbecue parties.
You can cook various bulgogi such as pork belly, pancake, tteokbokki, ribs, stir-fried meat, etc. It is also possible to cook with a little broth.
Heavy weight and excellent heat preservation of the product itself! Thermal conductivity! You can improve the quality of your dishes.
We adhere to strict standards for helth. It is safe by using a coating material that is harmless to the human body It has excellent internal coating power, scratch-resistant function, and is convenient to clean.
It is a safe and healthy coating that does not produce fluorine compounds that are harmful to the human body.

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