Geek Chef Espresso Machine 20 Bar, Espresso Coffee Maker with Fast Heating Automatic, Latte & Cappuccino Maker with Milk Frother Steam Wand, 1.8L Water Tank, Temperature Display, Stainless Steel

Price: $249.98 - $199.99
(as of Jun 25,2023 06:21:20 UTC – Details)

Product Description


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Espresso Machine 20 Bar Fast Heating Automatic

5 Ideal for busy mornings or entertaining guests.

It offers the flexibility to make a single or two cups of coffee depending on your needs

6 Top heating plate preheats cups.

Preheating cups keeps temperature and flavor intact, and avoids cracks from hot water in cold cups.

8 Create Denser Milk Foam.

Powerful steam creates silky foam, rich creamy froth and enhances coffee taste and texture.

9 Fast heating, saving time

Quick heating means you can enjoy your coffee faster without waiting for a long time.

1 Single or Double Cup 2 Heated Cup Holder 3 Milk Frothing Wand 4 Rapid Automatic Heating

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Can’t make coffee again after using the steam function?

Because the machine was in an overheated state at that time, it needed to be cooled for a while before continuing to use. At this time, you can after pressing steam button off, open steam valve and release some water through.

The temperature screen displays “E-1”

The steam control knob has been turned on. When turning on the machine, the steam preheat indicator flashes quickly, indicating that the steam control knob is not turned off. Solution: Turn the steam knob to the OFF position.

The temperature screen displays “E-2”

Wait for the machine to cool down or turn on the steam control knob to release hot water and cool it down (with a cup under the steam wand) if the internal temperature is too high to make coffee after using steam.

The temperature screen displays “E-3”

Temperature sensor is short-circuited or open, the temperature fuse is open, or there is a poor connection between the power board and the display board. Please seek a solution from us.

What size carafe would fit under the nozzles?

If a regular drinking glass is used to collect the concentrated coffee, it may be too tall to fit, the base can be removed to accommodate taller glasses.But it is still recommended to use specialized espresso cups for better results.

Geek Chef Espresso Machines Recommendation

Pump Pressure System

20 Bar

20 Bar

20 Bar

20 Bar

Heating Prep Time

25-45 seconds

0-25 seconds

2 minutes

2 minutes

Special Feature

Temperature Display

Touch Screen Control

ESE POD Filter

Pressure gauge&ESE POD filter

Water Tank Capacity










【20 BAR PROFESSIONAL PUMP】20 bar high pressure extraction out of the quality coffee liquid filled with golden crema, making the espresso more aromatic and richer.Stainless steel boiler system makes espresso more fragrant and rich in crema.
【POWERFUL MILK STEAMER】Espresso machine with milk frother has steady steam wand turns milk into silky smooth microfoam. Latte machine is convenient for you to create latte, cappuccino, Mocha or plain white coffee art at home or office. Removable frothing nozzle makes cleaning easy.
【QUICK ON START SYSTEM】Espresso Machines 30s quick preheat and automatic stop when the desired amount of espresso is reached. Two independent thermostat controls adjust the temperature of the water and milk foam.
【ACCESSORIES & TIPS】Home espresso machine comes with: portafilter, double shots filter, single shots filter, scoop.Two cups of 60ml/ 2oz, about 14g/ 2 spoons powder for the best concentration.

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