FRESHY CHEF Korean Grill Pan – 13 Inch Non-Stick Aluminum Korean BBQ Grill Pan with 2 Wooden Holders, Rack, and Storage Bag Black MEKRP MEKRP-34cm

Price: $39.75
(as of Jun 29,2023 06:13:37 UTC – Details)

The Pan You’ve Always Wanted If only there was a pan that could do it all. A pan that could whip up eggs one day, cook a delicious stir fry the next, and tag along on your camping trip over the weekend. One that could cook just as well on an open fire as it did on the stove. Well, there is! Meet the Freshy Chef Korean BBQ grill pan – the best thing to happen to your kitchen. It’s like the lovechild between a wok and cast iron griddle pan – only that it’s delightfully lightweight, non-stick, and super-easy to maintain. To make your experience even sweeter, we’ve included accessories you won’t get in most sets. You’ll receive a 13” aluminum grill pan, 2 wooden holders to protect your hands from the heat as you cook up a storm, a metal rack for placing cooked food when you have a lot to fry, and a carry bag to give you the dom to take your pan on every adventure. Product Specifications: Diameter: 13” Inches Materials: Die-Cast Aluminum Package Inclusions: 1 x Metal rack 1 x Storage Bag 2 x Wooden Holders 1 x Korean Barbecue Grill Pan A Bona Fide Game Changer Still holding on to your old cast iron stovetop griddle? The heavy one that needs a gym membership to lift? The one that takes ages to heat up? The one that causes food to stick and takes forever to clean? It’s time for an upgrade! We’ve crafted our pan from aluminum and used a 6 layer-coating for superior, scratch-resistant non-stick performance. The result? A grilling and frying pan that’s easy to wield, heats up in a jiffy, and takes the stress out of cleanup. And it opens your cooking to a world of possibilities. You can use it as a griddle pan for stove top, on your induction cooker, or over campfires as you sleep under the stars. Go ahead, get an aluminum grill pan that allows you to do so much more!
✅ Cook Without the Frustrating Sticking … Whether you’re frying bacon, cooking eggs, or getting your KBBQ on, the 6-layer non-stick coating makes for easy cooking and even easier cleaning. Our granite stone non-stick coating is 100% PFOA free and wear resistant.
✅ Surprisingly Lightweight; Impressively Large … No more suffering under the weight of that heavy cast iron griddle. This pan is lightweight and still has enough space to cook meals for your entire family. So light that you can even take it camping!
✅ You Won’t Even Need to Season It … The Freshy Chef Korean barbecue grill pan doesn’t need to be seasoned before or after cooking. You’ll also love the high thermal conductivity that cooks food evenly for toothsome results.
✅ Works on Most Heat Sources … Indoors or outdoors, this aluminum griddle pan assures deliciousness. You can use it as a stovetop griddle for gas, electric, and ceramic ovens, on your BBQ grill, or over the open fire while camping. Experience the versatility!

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