Dove of Peace, Symbol of Tranquility, Carrying an Olive Branch, Wall Hanging Birds, Fall Home Decor Handmade in Haiti from Recycled Steel Barrels, 17 X 17.5 Inches

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It's Cactus Haitian Metal ArtIt's Cactus Haitian Metal Art

Peace DovePeace Dove

Peace Doves

Doves have been a symbol used through various ages, cultures, and countries! For example:

Christianity-In great part because of the biblical account of Noah and the Ark, the dove has symbolized deliverance and God’s forgiveness.Ancient Greek Mythology- The Dove was a symbol of love and the renewal of life.Ancient Japan- A dove carrying a sword symbolized the end of war.Modern Day- In 1949, Pablo Picasso made the dove a modern symbol of peace when it was selected as the emblem for the World Peace Congress.

Do you notice the common theme? PEACE! It is no wonder why doves have been a universal sign of peace for thousands of years!

Metal Peace Sign with Peace DovesMetal Peace Sign with Peace Doves

Peace Signs

The history of the modern peace sign is quite interesting and it is no wonder why by the end of the 1960’s, it had been adopted as a generic peace sign, crossing national and cultural boundaries!

Many times, we will see this peace sign combined with other peace symbols, such as the peace doves, olive branches, and mistletoes.

But, why are peace symbols so popular? Well, the pure defintion of peace has a lot to do with it! Peace, defined, is freedom from disturbance, tranquility… and that is what peace symbols signify: HOPE, TRANQUILITY, and UNITY. The ultimate goal in life!

Some of our shops favorite peace doves!

Peace Dove With Olive BranchPeace Dove With Olive Branch

Hope & PeaceHope & Peace

Set of Peace DovesSet of Peace Doves

Peace DovePeace Dove

Peace Dove with Olive Branch

Peace, dove, and an olive branch! Can it get any more peaceful than this? No, it cannot!

Hope & Peace Sign

Hope & Peace: two words that just mesh so well together! In a world with so many problems, one’s hope is always peace!

Set of Doves with Design

What’s better than one peace dove? Well that’s two for sure! It’s no wonder the saying says, “Two is better than one!”

3D Winged Dove

Hangin or sitting birds. Perfect addition to any wall or to have it sit on your table. Add a little peace to your home or garden with this dove!

From Recycled Oil Barrels to High Quality Metal Art

recycled materialrecycled material

The ArtistThe Artist

Peace DovePeace Dove

The Materials & Preparation

Our metal art is made from recycled oil barrels. Laborers remove the ends of the drum and place them inside the remianing cylinder along with scrap paper and dried banana or sugar cane leaves. By igniting it, it removes all the paint and residue. They are left with a blank canvas to work on!

The Art Process

The artist then takes over, chalking his intended design on the prepared metal. Then, with the use of simple hand tools, he cuts the form, and begins pounding and shaping out intricate decorative patterns. At times, we have also collaborated with our artists in order to bring both of our visions to reality.

The End Product

It’s hard to believe that the oil barrels that we see in the first image have been transformed to the various metal art sculptures that we have in our shop. The amount of work, time, and talent that goes into each item makes them intricately beautiful and unique.

Haitian Metal Artist - RoodyHaitian Metal Artist - Roody

Fair Trade & It’s Cactus

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is the most recognized and trusted sustainability label in the world. By defintion, it is an arrangement designed to help producers in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships.

How does It’s Cactus support Fair Trade?

We began working in Haiti over 21 years ago with the goal of fighting poverty through art. During this time, we have worked with over 120 artists, cultivating business relationships and friendships, all while being Fair Trade members. Our artists are respected as equal trading partners. Their culture and their craft are valued, honored, and their work is compensated 100% in an equitable manner.

How Can You Support Fair Trade? Shop Fair Trade Spread the Word Love Your Purchase? Leave a review!

Haitian Metal ArtistsHaitian Metal Artists

Join us in our fight against poverty with Haitian metal art!

Though it is protected with a weather-proof finish, this sculpture will rust over time, if exposed to outdoor weather. To prevent this from happening, grab a can of spray on enamel at the hardware store and go to it. Once a year should be plenty. It’s a snap!
The Dove of Peace is a universal symbol dating back to the story of Noah and the Ark.
Natural color variations from dark silver to rustic brown tones.
We firmly adhere to fair trade principles and practices.


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